Revenue Analytics

For the GWC Valve USA company, it is important for them to look and measure their revenue analytics that they generate from their website in order to keep track of how they are doing. Marketo’s revenue cycle is something that is said to generate highly efficient revenue engine and fast growth in any company.


There are the all names, which is an entry point for everyone meaning we have purposely called this stage “Names” because these individuals are not leads when they first enter the funnel. Engaged step applies to those who show real engagement, such as attending a webinar, downloading content from our website, or clicking an email that we send. At this stage we filter out the names that haven’t engaged with us as a brand such as those who simply threw business cards into our bowl at a trade show. The prospect is the stage that refers to qualified prospects that could buy one day, but aren’t yet ready for engagement with sales. Qualified denotes the right kind of person at the right kind of company, as determined by our “fit” scoring rules. This is the first metric that we can report to fellow executives and the board. Then there is the lead, which these marketing-qualified leads are prospects that show enough behavioral engagement or buying intent that we want to call them. Followed by this is the sales lead, which are leads that have been qualified as sales ready by a sales qualification representative. Then the opportunity is the sales team has accepted these leads and added them to the pipeline as a deal they are actively working. Finally you arrive at the customer stage, which is when we have closed these deals and won new customer business. These customer are then passed on to a new revenue cycle for upsell and retention.