Forever 21 Might Not Last Forever: Online Reputation Repair  

Having a good relationships with your employees is essential to company success. One thing leads to another with an angry employee and the next thing management knows is that they are consulting an online reputation repair firm. Too often is management negligent of their employees and have their negligence bite them in the ass.

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Employees at Forever 21 have only given their CEO a 30% approval rate. The 30,000 employees has given the company an overall rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. This should be concerning for management. Proper managerial skills would not have let their employees feel that way. And if and when they find out that they do, management should be investing in efforts and procedures to restore the trust and relationships between employees and management. It is not secret to the Internet that the company has had a series of class action lawsuits filed against them by former employees. 5 employees claimed that their co-workers and them were not given their breaks, especially lunch, were lied to, docked money from their paycheques, especially overtime, and were even routinely searched for stolen items and accused of stealing. At a higher management level, it is understandable that they may not know this is happen but they should. To prevent this, the company should provide routine checks, interviews, and be sure that the people they are hiring are dedicated to the well-being of their employees. As long as employees work hard, treat them well.

However, now Forever 21 has another problem on their hands. These lawsuits are scaring away potential employees. Forever 21 should consult an online reputation repair company. The company needs to additionally pay all the employees that have over-time racked up, what they owe them. It is a small gesture for the stress and emotions their management caused. Take responsibility and focus on relationships and online reputation management!