Event Marketing: Before, During and After Planning

The Reputation Management Company is planning an event to connect with different businesses and individuals who have a strong interest in the online reputation management field. Many businesses need this type of service but wouldn’t know where to turn and with social media having such a great influence on different companies nowadays, this may be the only company you can turn to; even for individuals. In order for companies to actually want to come to their event, they need to use traditional media along with social media and email blasts to send meaningful releases to anyone who is invited to this event.

Once the event day is here, the team needs to coordinate and figure out how they will be able to communicate among themselves and what role everyone will play during this event. Someone must give out all information related to the event, where the site is, what kind of refreshments they should be expecting, is it a sit down the whole time event, is it casual, can you walk around and have cocktails, etc. You need to choose a theme for each event you host and make sure everything coordinates properly.

Once the big event comes to an end the marketing is still not over since you need to follow up with everyone who attended your event by email this way they have your business card and you send them an email as a reminder of what you spoke about and what your service offers. After the event you may ask peoples permissions before the event if you can tag them in different photos or videos you take during the night and encourage attendees to tag themselves as well. It is important for attendees to share several connections they made during the event and maybe even ask presenters to make a Slideshare and include their company in it.

You need to also keep yourself organized for the following event you will be planning in order for it to be just as successful and make any changes that you feel could’ve been improved on.