All about tactical vest

Tactical vest is a very important protective gear used in the military and by many law enforcement units which helps them in carrying different kinds of equipments along with them. With the inventions of GPS, rangefinder and many more gadgets the military men fell short of the pockets to keep them. So these tactical vests help them in carrying many different types of gadgets with them in a separate pocket so that they can be used and found easily in the vest. Apart from military and law enforcement units, many of the civilians have started wearing it as a kind of fashion wear as it looks cool on them. Tactical vest is also ideal for those people who are going for an adventure like hiking or hill climbing or any similar kind of adventurous activity where are lot of stuff is need to be taken along with themselves. Firefighters have also started wearing this tactical vest as it proves to be helpful in keeping their important things and gadgets close to them and easily approachable with their hands. Tactical vest consists of many pockets some are large and some are small in size. These pockets can be used to store things of large size to very small size.


These tactical vests are primarily designed for the military using a light weighted fabric which is very tough in nature and cannot be easily tear into pieces. Later these tactical vests are transformed into a water proof tactical vest so that military can also wear this tactical vest during the rainy season or in wet surroundings. Many hunting and fishing lovers also use this tactical vest to do hunting and fishing with ease. Its multiple pockets offers enough space to safely keep all the tools, ammunitions, first aid kits, knifes, water pouches and many other useful things. These tactical vest can be wear over a shirt or over a t-shirt. These tactical vests can carry many things at the same time. User does not need to open his bag every time to access different things. He can simply access it from his vest.

There are many kind of tactical vest available in the market to choose from. Some are available in form of assault vest while some are available in camouflage vest. So it is important to consider following points before choosing a tactical vest for yourself.

Design: Your tactical vest should be designed in such a manner that it should perfectly fit your body and allows you to move your arms freely around it. Always make sure that it is made of breathable cloth so that you may not feel over heated especially in summer season.

Durability: Always go for a high quality tactical vest as it is very durable and can last for many years.

Storage: The main use of a tactical vest is its storage feature. Always make sure that the vest have ideal sized pocket which can easily store and carry ammunitions, guns, magazines and many other important things and gadgets.